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  • Dr. Manfred Wittenstein with Presentation - Jan Hofer

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Gottlob Frick Society honors Manfred Wittenstein’s cultural commitment

Once a year, the Gottlob Frick Society – which was set up in memory of the well-known German bass of the same name (1906 – 1994) – awards the Gottlob Frick Medal to artists or other personalities from the arts world such as opera house managers, specialist journalists, etc. This year, the award was won for the first time by an engineer and the singing competition he initiated: Dr. Manfred Wittenstein, Chairman of the WITTENSTEIN SE Supervisory Board and also of DEBUT. 

Tenor Seungju Bahg won first prize of this year's Queen Sonja International Music Competition.

Tenor Seungju Bahg, a young talent from South Korea and Second of DEBUT 2016, is the winner of this year's Queen Sonja International Music Competition. Please read the current press release published on the Competition website.  

DEBUT 2016 endete mit dem gestrigen glänzenden Finale und der Preisverleihung.

Die südkoreanische Sopranistin Jihyun Lee gewann nach dem Liedpries nun auch die Goldene Viktoria. 
Den 1. Preis, die goldene Viktoria und damit ein Preisgeld von 10.000 Euro, erhielt, sicher auch zur Freude des Publikums, Jihyun Lee. Denn sie hatte in allem überzeugt, stimmlich wie auch durch sinnvolle Gestaltung und ihre Ausstrahlung.

Der 2. Preis, verbunden mit einem Preisgeld von 5.000 Euro, ging an den Tenor Seungju Bagh, über die bronzene Viktoria und eine Prämie von 2.500 Euro freute sich überschwänglich der strahlende Countertenor Jungkwon Jang. Lesen Sie hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung.

Jihyun Lee wins song price of DEBUT 2016

Yesterday night the song price was given at "Wittenstein Innovationsfabrik" for the best of the more "quiet" presentation. The price that is endowed with 3,500 € was warded to Jihyun Lee, who will also be singing in the final tomorrow.

During the festive event the six finalists of DEBUT 2016 were announced offically - you can see them in the slider above.

Dokumentation DEBUT 2016 Wettbewerbswoche

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DEBUT supports young opera singers embarking on an international career. The competition is open to the following voices types:
Soprano - Mezzosoprano/Alto - Tenor - Countertenor - Baritone/Bass



Prizes values amounting 30.000 €!

1st Prize: Golden "Viktoria and 10,000 € prize money

2nd Prize: Silver "Viktoria" and 5.000 € prize money

3rd Prize: Bronze "Viktoria" and 2,500 € prize money

for further finalists 500 € each

pecial prizes.guest engagements